Executive Director Search Update

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce our new Executive Director, Eddie DeGraw. Eddie started last week, and plans to be at several of the spring events to meet Circle Piners. As part of Eddie’s onboarding, we will be scheduling several virtual meet and greets with those in different constituency groups as well. If you don’t get a chance to engage with Eddie then, Eddie’s formal introduction to the membership will come Membership Weekend.

I personally want to thank Chris Schleuder for stepping in as interim, and all the staff and work-trade, all who filled the gap while being down a person, and, of course, for their ongoing dedication to seeing CPC survive and thrive. And lastly to thank the search committee and board members for doing their part in this process of hiring a new ED and the onboarding to come.

Yours in service,
Romy Fitschen, CPC Board Chair ’22-’23

Latest News from the Board

The Education Committee is looking for members! If you are interested please email Aidan Albano-Bachtell at anguswaffle@gmail.com and he will connect you.

The Bylaws Committee will meet in mid January through mid March and make recommendations to the CPC Board at that time. If you are interested in this special short term committee, please email Romy Fitschen at chair@circlepinescenter.net.

The new Executive Director Search Committee has started to meet. Watch for an email on the position posting soon…

Please Consider Making a Donation to Circle Pines

Circle Pines Center is such a special place because we feel surrounded by a community of compatible people. This is because of the people who are attracted to Circle Pines.  We tend to practice, speak of, and model values, perspectives, and lifestyles that are not the common norm. Whether we are sitting at a table in the Farmhouse, walking through our beautiful land, or participating in a program activity or work project we are part of an extended family that we are fortunate to have…

Strategic Goals Set by the CPC Board

At the most recent meeting the CPC Board set some strategic priorities for the next 3 – 6 months. If you have any questions you can reach out to any board member or to Romy Fitschen at chair@circlepinescenter.net.