Make A Donation

Dear Circle Pines Center Members and Friends,

­Circle Pines Center is such a special place because we feel surrounded by a community of compatible people. This is because of the people who are attracted to Circle Pines.  We tend to practice, speak of, and model values, perspectives, and lifestyles that are not the common norm. Whether we are sitting at a table in the Farmhouse, walking through our beautiful land, or participating in a program activity or work project we are part of an extended family that we are fortunate to have.

Many of the people who attend our camps and programs have been coming for years, some are the third (or even 4th) generation of CPC families. New attenders often come because they had been seeking a community of people who share their values. They are pleased to find a community who will help reinforce the values they want for themselves and for their children to practice.

The people we meet at Circle Pines are active in many different pursuits, employment, and volunteer work. We tend to share many of the same values. We believe in cooperation, living in peace, listening well to other perspectives, respecting our differences, and acting with caring behaviors.

We are comfortable with people who are not typical, middle-class Americans. We see individuals, not people of color, not people who are LBGTQIA+.  We try to be welcoming; though we recognize we are not always as welcoming as we would like to be. We are here at Circle Pines because we are so attached to the place and the programs we run.

It takes a lot to keep up our special community and its surroundings. Our staff and volunteers do the best they can with the resources we have. We run interesting and enjoyable programs. Our participants pay for our programs however, they do not cover all our costs. Our membership fees are very low and we can only keep them low with your help. Annually we reach out and ask you for a donation. We have three buckets for giving— operating, scholarship and endowment. Please give what you can.

Yours, Meryl Domina
CPC Board ‘22-23
(Fundraising Committee, Education Committee, 85th Anniversary Committee, Land Use Committee and former Board Chair)