Meet Eddie DeGraw

Hello Circle Pines folks! I am excited to meet you all and get the opportunity to get to know you and discover why you love this special place. Here are a few things that may help you get to know me as we begin our work together. To start, I really pride myself on being a creative problem solver and working cooperatively. I am described as a people person that provides thoughtful insights and energizing leadership. I work well while self directed and within teams. I thrive in a role that requires multitasking and attention to details. I have over 22 years of activist and organizing experience and I’m active in the community addressing issues that negatively impact the environment as well as social justice causes. I have a homestead where my husband and I explore permaculture projects and am a master gardener. I enjoy doing occasional freelance illustration and graphic design work and have a degree in Illustration from Syracuse University. I love raising fiber goats and angora rabbits as well as hiking and foraging. I foster and train rescue horses and pursue the unique hobby of mounted archery. I look forward to falling deeply in love with Circle Pines and working diligently to uphold its integrity, rich history, natural beauty and peace and social justice foundation together.

Executive Director Search Update

It is with great pleasure that I get to announce our new Executive Director, Eddie DeGraw. Eddie started last week, and plans to be at several of the spring events to meet Circle Piners. As part of Eddie’s onboarding, we will be scheduling several virtual meet and greets with those in different constituency groups as well. If you don’t get a chance to engage with Eddie then, Eddie’s formal introduction to the membership will come Membership Weekend.

I personally want to thank Chris Schleuder for stepping in as interim, and all the staff and work-trade, all who filled the gap while being down a person, and, of course, for their ongoing dedication to seeing CPC survive and thrive. And lastly to thank the search committee and board members for doing their part in this process of hiring a new ED and the onboarding to come.

Yours in service,
Romy Fitschen, CPC Board Chair ’22-’23

Christmas Trees Unavailable for Winter of 2022

Hello Circle Piners,

Some unfortunate news this year about the Christmas tree sale:

Our supplier does not have any trees or wreaths available for this upcoming season. We are starting to plan the sale for next year and do expect to deliver to Chicago and make some available on site as well.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.