J Hobbs

Music has been a lifelong passion of J Hobbs. In 2006, he joined his brother’s band and began dedicating more time to music, as a percussion player, rapper, and hype man. From 2009 to 2013, he played in Funktion, a 7pc Funk Soul Groove Band from Kalamazoo, and played over 600 shows through 26 states. In late 2013, he moved to Austin, Texas, and started playing shows under his long-time stage name brotha James.

In 2016, he started combining motivational speaking with music, and in 2017, began combining speaking, facilitation and music. In 2022, he shed the alias ‘brotha James’ and became ‘J Hobbs’ in 2022, honoring his family’s roots. He makes music that empowers people to be at their best.

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