Conscious Parenting Circle with Ally and Mike

A brave space for parents to come together and speak about their journeys. Let’s dive deep and share about our accomplishments and struggles when it comes to parenting our children with love, respect, and compassion, No advice will be given unless asked for, and no personal information shared outside the circle.

Inner Child Healing with Ally

We all carry different versions of our inner children within us, encapsulated in our psyche, that come out when we least expect them to. Learn how to meet them, nurture them, understand them, and how to play with them. Join Ally in a group medication, and learn tools & skills to meet and heal your inner child.

Land Stewardship with Larissa

Green Wizardry with Mike

Green Wizards: Individuals who embrace the task of learning, practicing, and thoroughly mastering a set of mostly forgotten skills to use and to share with others.

In this workshop, Mike will talk about some of the tools from the appropriate tech toolkit which includes: Intensive organic gardening with its support technologies of composting, season extenders, and low-tech food preservation and storage methods; simple solar greenhouses, which provide heat for homes as well as food for the table; other retrofitted passive solar heating technologies; solar water heating; methods for conserving hot or cool air with little or no energy input; and a good deal more along the same lines, all of it geared toward backyard gardens, basement workshops, easily available resources, and modest budgets.

Improv Playshop: Release Your Inner Playmate with Colin and Rene

Improv theater is about creativity, connection and cooperation. Join us for some simple games and exercises that help develop these crucial skills in an atmosphere of silliness and support. Bring the whole family and we’ll all learn from each other.

Qi Gong with Rik

Experience collecting and connecting with the universal life force Qi energy.

Earth Body Alchemy with Alyssa

In this immersive practice of connecting with the body and the earth around you, you will feel the connection between you and your mama earth. Nothing separating us from her, held and supported by her, grounded in your body, marveling at the miracle that is YOU and the world around you!

Yoga for All with Elizabeth

Find strength, stability and flexibility with Dr. Elizabeth Huff Willis, physical therapist, in a yoga-ish class designed to ground you to this moment while lifting your spirit in gratitude for all that is. Bring a yoga mat or blanket if you have one. This workshop is designed for adult bodies but children are welcome.

Simple Songwriting for Prayer and Protest with Adam Gottlieb

Adam Gottlieb will lead this songwriting workshop.

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Circle of Community with Josh