Grand Rapids, Michigan native Molly Bouwsma Schultz was born into music. Known in West Michigan for her energetic, soulful live performances with her band Vox Vidorra, she performs in many genres to continue to expand her outlook on the world, her voice, and passion for writing songs that move people. In 2013, her group Blue Molly had the honor of receiving the award for Best Album by a New Artist, Song of the Year “2000 Miles”, Best Soul/Blues Album for self titled ‘Blue Molly’ for the 14th Annual WYCE Jammie Awards. In 2013, Molly and husband Scott Schultz collaborated to produce ”In My Heart (To The Moon)” and in 2014 she produced Kindness (411 Cass), both of which received the Artprize award for Best Blues/Rock musical entry presented by St. Cecilia Music Center. In the spring of 2015, Vox Vidorra released their debut album “Promise Land” which has drawn in high acclaim throughout the state.