Black Jake & the Carnies

Dubbed “The Original Kings of Crabgrass,” the band plays a unique style of original bluegrass sprinkled with a little spaghetti western, punk, and Vaudeville that people love to dance and get wild to. Add in the band’s essential crowd interaction activities and various hilarious carnival gimmicks and you have a surefire recipe for fun! Because of this, the group has been accused of being a “party band” because people can’t help joining in the fun and dancing to the high energy show.

The band, comprised of Black Jake (banjo, vocals, kick drum, tambourine, songwriting, art, flashing lights, game design), Kyle Kipp (guitar, backing vocals), Ozzie Andrews (bass, backing vocals), JJ Przewozniak (fiddle, backing vocals), and Buttons the Clown (accordion, game referee, backing vocals) are five hard-working creatures from Southeast Michigan who wallow in the imagery of sideshows and carnivals.

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