The greatest work can be accomplished when people are at peace with one another working toward a common goal. Understanding individual differences with a focus on grassroots activism and community brings a sense of unity and collaboration to CPC.

Social Justice

Social justice is important to our cooperative education, because we are striving for an economically, racially, and socially equitable world. Whether it’s summer camp or purchasing food, Circle Pines Center strives to implement and educate for social justice to create a more cooperative and equitable world.

Environmental Stewardship

Recognizing that humans have the power to change the planet for the better or for the worst, we believe that it is our role to be stewards of the environment. Protecting the environment through conservation and sustainable practices flows through all we do.


From special events to camp to community meetings, a shared sense of purpose and cooperative thinking enhance the quality of life at Circle Pines Center. Through daily work projects, conversations, and relationships, CPC instills the practice of cooperation as a way of life.