2022 Fall Mushroom Camp Recap

This September marked the 4th annual hosting of Circle Pine’s Fall Mushroom Camp. One hundred and ten mushroom enthusiasts from all over Michigan, the Midwest, and as far away as Alabama and California, gathered together to hunt for, learn about, and enjoy the amazing variety of mycelium and fruiting bodies (aka mushrooms) that the CPC property has to investigate…

Dia de los Muertos at Circle Pines Center

Did you know that Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated at Circle Pines Center every year during a Spanish Language and Culture Weekend? You may have heard these weekends called Spanish Immersion, a former name that many people still use.  These intergenerational gatherings were started in 1996 by CPCers Kathy Siegenthaler and Margaret Aguilar…

Membership & Outreach Committee

The CPC Membership and Outreach Committee had a kick-off meeting on October 17th. We are an energized group excited about putting ideas into action to increase and engage membership and continue to build a sustainable and thriving Circle Pines! We have set a standing meeting for the third Wednesday of every month at 3:30 PST, 5:30 CST, 6:30 EST. Got ideas? A skill to share? Want to participate in any way? Email andragomberg@gmail.com and/or jcfitschen@gmail.com to learn more!…

Scrambled Eggs are for the Birds

When Grandma moved to an assisted living home, we inherited a pretty birdfeeder that used to hang outside her window.  The memory it holds for me is not of it swaying in the breeze with a medley of seeds, but with of a heap of scrambled eggs leftover from breakfast set out for the birds to enjoy.  In years since, I have never managed to entice a bird to eat the bits of egg I offer up, but I have seen tiny chickadees and titmice take off with giant chunks of eggshell…

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