Welcome To The Orchard Cabins!

The Orchard cabin area, west of the Farmhouse, consists of a few small heated guest cabins and a bathhouse.


Orchard Cabins

Cabin Features:

  • Unheated PortaJohn (all seasons)
  • Bathhouse (only in warm season) within short walking distance Shower in Swallows in winter

Cabins & Beds:

  • Orchard 2a – 3 twin beds
  • Orchard 2b – 1 full and 2 twin beds
  • Orchard 1a – 1 full and 1 twin bed
  • Orchard 1b – 1 full and 1 twin bed

*Bring your own warm bedding, pillows, and shower supplies.  These cabins are heated by space heaters in the winter and can run chilly, so please bring warm bedding.  They are about a 3 minute walk from the parking lot.