Water Songs with Hearth and Hymn

The Great Lakes bioregion holds about 20% of the world’s freshwater, and about 90% of the freshwater in the US. We’re part of a growing movement of people advocating for clean, affordable water in the Great Lakes, and for all. Hearth & Hymn have learned some beautiful water songs along the way, and written some, too! Come sing for the water with them. They’ll bring song sheets and leave time for those who might like to share a water song, too.

Hearth & Hymn is a close harmony, minimalist folk project produced by songwriters, song collectors and multi-instrumentalists Samantha Cooper and Elisabeth Pixley-Fink. Beloved artists in the Michigan folk scene, their masterful harmonies and seamless vocal blend capture a room. Raiding family songbooks and sharing old tunes, Hearth & Hymn reimagines songs that move them through a queer, feminist lens. The pair grew up immersed in “kitchen music” traditions, and have been performing together for over a decade.

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