International Folk Dance for Beginners with Noah

(Russia to South Africa, U.S. to Japan)

Strictly dancing and charmingly short story introductions about the history and context of several dances spanning the globe and -at least- hundreds of years. If you’re looking for a single eclectic dance experience, welcome to the one-stop-many-step shop. The International Folk Dance (IFD) movement traditionally focuses heavily on the eastern Mediterranean dance traditions. These dances are known for circles with hand holding and precise foot movement as compared to contra or square dancing. But don’t trip, in the beginner course, we keep it simple and fun. There will also be some folk dances from other traditions, some from popular music 20th and 21st century. I recommend you bring your friends because laughing at/with each other is half the fun. Shoes are optional but your friends will remember how they smell so maybe bring a change of socks.