The Circle Pines Center has a vibrant eighty-five year history teaching peace, social justice, and environmental stewardship. The spiritual core of Circle Pines is the hands-on demonstration of cooperation as an alternative for addressing economic, social and environmental issues.

Our members and friends feel a great sense of gratitude and joy for the community, connection to our values and to our verdant land from their involvement with Circle Pines Center.​

Every year, Circle Pines Center runs: a 7 week summer camp, a music festival, and 20+ small retreats.

Circle Pines is committed to social justice in all its forms so we encourage people with diverse backgrounds and historically marginalized identities to apply.

With the support of an active board, center staff and numerous talented volunteers, the Executive Director will oversee implementation and evaluation in the following areas:

Leadership and Governance – Provide leadership in developing program, organizational, and financial plans with the Board, membership, and staff. Work with staff and members to plan and implement existing center-run programming and to develop new center-run programming.

Summer Camp Management – Manage a 7 week, 70 camper social justice oriented summer camp.

Event Management – Manage food service and event programming for 20+ events per year.

Fundraising – Grow existing membership, volunteer and donor base. Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of fundraising activities. Seek, develop, and negotiate new contracts, grants, and other funding with public and private sources.

Financial Management – Work with staff, board treasurer, finance committee, and the board in preparing a budget. Oversee, develop, and maintain sound financial practices and operations within the budget guidelines.

Maintenance and Development of Physical Facilities (Buildings and Land) – Develop and implement environmentally and fiscally sustainable strategies for preserving and improving Circle Pines Center’s 294 acre property. Ensure that all facilities, grounds and equipment are maintained at a high standard of safety and quality.

Human Resource Management – Recruit and manage all staff and volunteers in accordance with equal opportunity employment and sound human resource practices. Work to develop a diverse, committed, and highly-qualified team and membership. See that staff and volunteers are trained.

Communications, Marketing and Public Relations – Produce regular publications, annual reports, newsletters, appeal letters, social media postings, and other communication materials with the goal of raising the visibility of Circle Pines Center.

Legal/Regulatory – Maintain official records and ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations along with compliance of all contracts.

Information Management – Oversee information and technology management systems. Ensure that adequate databases are selected and implemented. Ensure staff and office volunteers have access to technology and computers to effectively carry out their duties.

Spouses and partners are invited to submit resumes to be considered for additional employment opportunities at Circle Pines Center.
Please email resume and cover letter to:
Salary and benefits based on skills and experience, but starts at $35,000 when bundled with on-site housing and food. | | (269) 623-5555